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What are the 3 most common motorcycle injuries?

One of the nicest things about living in Florida if you are a motorcycle enthusiast is that “motorcycle season” lasts 12 months out of the year. Since you rarely, if ever, must deal with snow and ice, you can enjoy the call of the open road whenever you wish. Whether you are a recent convert to the cycle lifestyle or have years of riding experience under your belt, safety should always be your first consideration. The simple truth is that motorcycle riders face an 80 percent chance of sustaining a serious injury or dying in a crash

The three most common motorcycle injuries are the following:

1. Head injuries

Wearing your helmet every time you ride is an important line of defense against dying from a head injury in a crash. In fact, it can reduce your death risk by 35 percent. Nevertheless, your helmet cannot eliminate the chance of receiving a traumatic brain injury in an accident. Even if your crash is at low-speed, when your head hits a solid surface with that much force, simple physics causes your brain to move violently back and forth inside your skull. When it hits the bones of your skull, it is likely to suffer damage. The injury may be severe enough to cause your brain to malfunction in any number of ways. This is the classic definition of a traumatic brain injury. Depending on which part(s) of your brain you injure and the severity of those injuries, a TBI could disable you for life.

2. Bone fractures

When you ride a motorcycle as opposed to drive a car, you have nothing to encase your body when you crash. In addition, unlike your car, your cycle cannot stand on its own. When it falls over during a crash, it likely will fall on your hand, arm, shoulder and/or leg, often leading to fractures. Even if you are thrown clear in the wreck, your bones may fracture from your body’s impact with the ground or other hard surface.

3. Road rash

Many motorcycle riders have suffered a road rash injury of some kind. While protective clothing can lessen the severity of road rash, it cannot always prevent it. Depending on the length and speed of your body’s slide, and the road surface involved, road rash can lead to extensive damage of your skin and the tissues underneath. In the most severe instances, it can cause bone-deep wounds.

Avoiding an accident is always the preferred route. Sadly, many car and truck drivers cause motorcyclists to crash by not paying proper attention or giving right of way where the law demands. By always wearing a helmet and protective gear, you reduce the chances of suffering serious harm when these accidents occur.

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