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3 types of workplace injuries for retail employees

Working overtime in a retail job can be tiring. At most, you likely associate exhaustion and sore feet with the job. However, retail employees are just as at risk of suffering an injury as workers in various other industries.

While rarely fatal, work accidents can lead to missed workdays, restrictions on duties and sometimes transfer of position. These, in turn, often lead to fewer hours and lower income. Being able to recognize a retail workplace injury is the first step in seeking workers’ compensation to offset the negative change in your financial stability.

1. Bone injuries

The most common causes of injury at a store are slipping, tripping and falling. Wet floors, left-out merchandise, debris and customers can all make you lose your balance and fall on to the hard floor. Your bones will take the hardest hit, leading to fractures, breaks and bruises.

2. Musculoskeletal injuries

These types of injuries affect your muscles, tendons and bones and come about due to actions such as:

  • Overexertion
  • Repetitive motion
  • Improper lifting
  • Poor posture

Examples of resulting injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, back strains and pulled muscles. These may seem minor but have major consequences on your ability to work. 

3. Traumatic brain injuries

If your position requires you to drive on the clock, a motor vehicle accident can give you a traumatic brain injury. Even if you do not drive as part of your employment, you are still at risk because falls are the leading cause of TBI, according to the CDC. Additional causes are objects falling on to you or someone hitting you in the head. Shoppers can be very intense and aggressive during this season, leading to an assault. 

While severe TBI is more apparent, minor to moderate injuries may not reveal symptoms until days or weeks later. Always see a medical provider after any incident and monitor your health for any changes.

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