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3 tips for avoiding Black Friday car accidents

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Black Friday is almost here, too. If you are excited to stuff yourself with some turkey and do some holiday shopping, you should drive safely because this is one of the most dangerous times on the road. In fact, according to Time Magazine, there are 34 percent more car collisions on Black Friday in comparison to the two weeks before and after. 

So how can you brave the crowds and stay safe as you shop or drive to work on Black Friday? Here are some tips for avoiding a car crash during the holiday shopping frenzy:

1. Be careful in parking lots

According to the same data reported by Time Magazine, a lot of Black Friday accidents occur in parking lots. Be mindful when navigating parking lots full of people in a rush to get the best deals. You can reduce your chances of getting hit by avoiding spaces next to vehicles parked at an angle and parking far away from store entrances. 

2. Drive defensively

Always be aware of what other drivers are doing. Scan the road in front of you to be ready for unexpected situations. Check your blind spots at intersections, even when your light is green. Keep extra distance between other vehicles to give yourself more reaction time if something goes badly. 

3. Recognize dangerous drivers

There is a lot of potential for impaired and distracted drivers on Black Friday; motorists may be drunk after a Thanksgiving party. Other drivers may have stayed up all night shopping, resulting in drowsiness and fatigue, which can be dangerous on the road. Watch out for cars veering into other lanes or driving more slowly than normal. If you notice any reckless behavior, stay far away! 

Do not underestimate the risks of driving on Black Friday. Follow these tips and you are sure to reduce your chances of getting into an auto accident.

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