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It is Important to be Checked Out by a Medical Professional After an Accident

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If you have been in any kind of accident that results in any injury, even if you feel fine, you must get checked out by a doctor as quickly as possible. Most people assume that they’re not injured if they can’t see an injury or if there’s no blood, cuts, or bruising.

But just because you cannot see it does not automatically mean that there’s no injury. Whether you were involved in a slip and fall accident, a construction accident, a minor motor vehicle accident, or any other kind of accident, you could’ve been hurt without knowing it.

Invisible Injuries and Delayed Onset of Symptoms

Traumatic brain injuries, injured organs, whiplash, concussions, and internal bleeding, among other internal injuries, can be caused by seemingly minor accidents. Assuming that you’re fine can be dangerous because some injuries worsen over time when not detected and treated right away. Some are even life-threatening and downright deadly. This is why you should always see a doctor when you get into an accident.

It’s also important to note that accidents are scary and usually cause a sudden cascade of fight-or-flight stress hormones to provide a surge of energy to the body, which it will use for responding to perceived dangers. But this can also mask symptoms of injury for hours, days, even weeks after an accident.

Protect Your Personal Injury Claim

Getting medical attention right after an accident is also crucial to pay for your medical treatment and damage to your property in the case of a car accident. Insurance providers will always be looking for reasons to limit your compensation or deny your claim entirely. If you don’t see a medical professional after your accident, they can use this as a reason to refute your claim.

On the other hand, getting medical attention will provide evidence for your claims. Your doctor can establish the nature and severity of your injuries and confirm that the accident caused them. Likewise, if you are considering suing the at-fault driver, your medical records will serve as crucial evidence of the injuries and related losses you suffered.

The Importance of Following Your Doctor’s Instructions

After seeing your doctor to get your injuries and treatment documented, you must also follow all your doctor’s instructions and advice for additional treatments, medications, follow-up visits, etc. This is crucial for your successful recovery and will also show the insurance provider and the court that you are following your doctor’s medical advice.

Or else, the insurance provider or the at-fault party’s attorney will point out that you are not following your doctor’s orders and use this as a reason to limit your compensation or settlement.

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