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Where are the most dangerous places to drive in Florida?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Car Accidents

Florida is known for many things, from our sandy beaches and golf courses to alligators and hurricanes. Unfortunately, Florida is also known for its dangerous roads and high accident rates.

And certain places can prove to be particularly dangerous in this state.

Areas with high crash rates

Every year, hundreds of thousands of crashes occur in Florida. Last year, more than 3,000 people were killed in these crashes, and over 255,000 people suffered injuries.

These crashes can happen anywhere, but there are some places where they are especially likely. Federal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that accidents are more likely to occur:

  • On rural roads (for fatal crashes)
  • Busy intersections
  • When making a left turn
  • Close to home

Further, accidents can be more common on weekends, during holidays and at night. The reasons for crashes to be particularly likely in these scenarios comes down to drivers.

Driver conditions that are likely to contribute to a crash

Often, crashes happen because a driver makes a mistake. For instance, drivers can be:

  • Drunk or impaired by drugs
  • Distracted by their phone, passengers or other activities
  • Aggressive
  • Unable to see clearly
  • Inattentive

Impaired drivers cannot react as quickly as sober drivers, and they can make unpredictable and unwise choices when driving. And drivers who are distracted often cannot respond quickly enough to stopped traffic or a sudden change in road conditions. 

Drivers can also be overly relaxed while driving when they are in a familiar place, like close to home, or if there aren’t many other vehicles on the road. They might let their guard down and let their minds wander.

How this information can help drivers

It can be impossible to avoid every dangerous area and irresponsible driver. However, you can reduce the risk of a crash by keeping this information in mind. 

Some ways to do this include making a point to be attentive when you are close to your house and avoiding busy areas during certain times of day. You can also wear your seatbelt and steer clear of drivers who seem to be reckless or negligent.

Using this information, it can be possible to adjust your driving habits and behaviors to reduce your risk of getting injured in a crash.

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