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Some workplace hazards may be present in nearly all professions

It is no secret that certain occupations are inherently more hazardous than others are. However, regardless of the type of work you perform, job-related accidents can take place at any moment and under a multitude of scenarios, and you might encounter a variety of safety risks nearly every day.

As you likely consider your safety to be a high priority, you might be wondering about the steps you can take to reduce the odds such an incident will occur. It’s nearly impossible to foresee or prevent all work injuries, but knowing some of the most common types of workplace hazards may prove helpful in keeping you safe and productive.

How workplace injuries occur

There are a variety of job-related hazards, some of which could be present in nearly every field of profession. Some of the most common types of job-related accidents include the following:

  • Slips and falls: Slip-and-fall accidents can pose a significant threat to your well-being and in many cases, it may take as little as a slippery staircase or a flimsy doormat to create an unfortunate scenario. From fractures to soft-tissue damage, falls are one of the most common missed-work injuries.
  • Items falling from above: Even a smaller item can do a significant amount of damage when falling from above, and obviously a heavy item or an item dropping from a great height could be disastrous. Always wear head protection in any work zone where there is a danger of falling or flying objects.
  • Repetition as a concern: If your job requires you to perform the same or similar motions hour after hour each day, you could be at risk of suffering a repetitive motion injury, which might lead to serious or long-term health implications. Shoulder joints, wrists and the lower back are especially prone to repetitive stress injuries.
  • General overexertion: Overexertion continues to be one of the most common causes of workplace accidents and the injuries you could suffer due to overexertion can be severe in nature. Lifting heavy objects or lifting while bending or twisting can lead to injury, even if you have done it dozens of times before.

Regardless of how it occurs, if you suffer serious harm while performing the duties of your job, you may encounter a variety of hardships in life. While you may be eligible to receive financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system, navigating the process can be somewhat complex.

Seeking compensation

Suffering severe injuries in an accident at work can be exceedingly stressful and dealing with extensive medical bills and the likelihood of having to take time off work can be a devastating combination. Following the incident, you could find it helpful to speak with someone with intricate knowledge of Florida state workers’ compensation laws for guidance on all your available options for financial aid. This type of advice could help place you in a better position to pursue the full amount of compensation achievable through every applicable source.

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