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3 causes of indoor fall accidents

When you fall indoors, you may suffer anything from a mild to severe injury. These accidents are unfortunately common. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that falls are the top cause of emergency room visits. When you suffer an injury on a property belonging to someone else, you may be able to hold them legally responsible. 

But what conditions cause people to slip or trip and fall inside a building? Here are some common situations that cause fall accidents indoors.

1. Stairs

Stairs may cause slips, trips and falls for the following reasons:

  • The stair edges wear out, becoming round and causing you to slip when you step on them. 
  • Someone waxes or polishes the stairs, resulting in you slipping. 
  • There is a broken or missing handrail, which can make you fall if you need support.
  • Trash, gum, pieces of paper or other debris is on the stairs and makes you trip.

If the property owner knows about these dangerous conditions and does not do anything about it, you may be able to file a lawsuit.

2. Floors

A walkway may cause slips and trips if:

  • The floor is damp or wet.
  • The property owner or employee fails to close off or warn people about the wet area. 
  • Someone uses too much polish or wax to clean the floor.
  • A carpet is worn, torn or broken.
  • A mat or rug has worn spots, holes or edges that curl up.

Property owners must properly maintain floors and warn patrons about any hazardous conditions.

3. Escalators

Using an escalator is a convenient way to get to another level without using the stairs. Unfortunately, an escalator may suddenly malfunction, causing you to fall. You may also catch parts of your clothing or body in the escalator, resulting in an injury. 

If you fall indoors, you may suffer anything from a simple bruise to a fatal brain injury. 

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