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When to contact an attorney after a car accident in Florida

Luckily, not all crashes involve serious injuries or negligence. However, in some instances, it is imperative to involve a personal injury attorney following an accident, whether that is a car crash, motorcycle accident or a crash with a pedestrian or bicycle. Knowing when you should get an attorney involved in your case is an important first step to getting the compensation you deserve for any injuries you may have suffered, especially as the result of another’s negligence.

Look over the following information to see if it applies in your particular case.

Catastrophic injury

There is no question that when you suffer a catastrophic injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident, it is in your best interest to bring a personal injury attorney on board, at least for an initial consultation so you can understand your case and your options. Catastrophic injuries can affect you for the rest of your life, and as such, the monetary damages as well as pain and suffering can be significant.

Although insurance companies often push to have injured parties quickly settle their cases, the insurers are thinking about their business priorities and making a profit rather than your best interests. An attorney can fight for your rights and seek the correct amount of compensation necessary to cover the myriad expenses and damages you incur.

Negligence and fault

In auto accidents where another person’s negligence caused the accident and your subsequent injuries, you may need an attorney. Proving negligence can be quite difficult and often involves complex investigations and expert testimony. You should never assume you know what caused an accident. Things like speeding, distracted driving, improper vehicle maintenance and fatigued driving are hard to spot when you are involved in the accident.

All of these factors could have contributed to your damages, and every liable party should pay. However, the initial police report may contain none of this information. The right personal injury attorney will have the skill and resources to gather all the evidence and analyze it, and then present the information in a compelling way for the court. 

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