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Understanding Catastrophic Brain Injuries And Legal Recourse Options Available

Catastrophic injuries to the head or brain, for instance, can change a person’s entire life ─ and the lives of his or her family.

Whether such injuries happen because of a negligent driver in an auto accident that happened in South Florida, a slip and fall on hazardous property, or during a sporting event, many will require extensive, costly medical treatment and often leave the victim unable to work or even live independently.

Fortunately, compensation is available.

How Much Money Will You Need For Your Catastrophic Injuries?

There is no way to know immediately after an accident exactly how much your injury will cost you down the line.

That is why avoiding insurance companies that will often attempt to settle quickly without knowing what you need in the long term is important.

Before you settle anything with any insurance carrier, getting an experienced personal injury attorney to evaluate your case to ensure you received maximum compensation for your circumstances under the law is highly recommended.


Extensive Resources To Recover Maximum Compensation For You

At Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa, our firm has built a talented catastrophic injury trial team with more than 35 years of experience successfully handling complicated brain injury and other catastrophic cases for South Florida residents.

Our team will launch an independent investigation into the circumstances that led to your injury. We employ seasoned accident reconstruction professionals to investigate the cause of your head injury and determine who should be held responsible.

We also have an extensive network of medical experts and financial specialists who will help evaluate how much the full and fair compensation should be in your case.

We will exhaust every possible option to pursue compensation to pay for:

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When the unthinkable happens, immediate medical care is first and foremost. Afterward, you and your family will need to evaluate what your injury means for your future. Let us take the financial burden off you and your family so you can move forward with your recovery.