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Should you get that crick in your neck checked out?

Are you a Floridian who was involved in a car crash? If so, you might have ended up with a little twinge of pain in your neck either immediately after the crash, or within a few days or weeks. Though it may be tempting to write this pain off, it could be a sign of damage that needs treatment.

According to Mayo Clinic, whiplash injuries are one of the most common ones that you can face after a car crash. They are caused by the “whip-like motion” your head and neck make after certain impacts, hence the name. Usually, this motion is created by a forceful hit from behind. Rear-end collisions often end with someone suffering from whiplash.

Whiplash injuries can manifest symptoms in moments, days, or weeks. Painful signs can include headaches, tweaks in the neck, a limited range of motion, tenderness, tingling or numbness of the arms, dizziness, and fatigue. Lesser known and more potentially serious symptoms include:

  • Memory trouble
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Changes in behavior such as sudden irritability
  • The worsening or sudden appearance of depression
  • Trouble sleeping

Though some may try to argue that whiplash injuries are not serious, it can take six months or longer for them to heal. The pain and damage to your mobility can be debilitating, especially for those who work jobs that require great physical movement. There is also the risk of semi-permanent or permanent damage that can cause pain to last for years or longer.

Because of the severity of these issues and how they can interfere with your quality of life and financial situation, you may want to contact a lawyer. You can then learn more about your compensation options.

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