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Falls: The most significant safety threat on construction sites

Florida construction workers face certain risks and challenges every time they show up at work. One of the most significant threats to the safety of these men and women comes from the threat of a fall. Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry, but fortunately, there are ways to decrease the chance of these types of accidents and make job sites safer.

In order to reduce the number of falls, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed a list of ways that employers can make fall prevention a priority. Employers, construction companies and job site managers all bear the responsibility to implement and enforce safety measures. If you are a construction worker, you have the right to a reasonably safe workplace, free from unnecessary hazards.

Are falls really preventable?

Construction is inherently dangerous work. There are certain risks that come with this job, but there are ways to drastically reduce the chance of an accident and increase safety. According to OSHA, the following steps can be a significant factor in reducing falls:

  • Plan: Planning is a significant step in preventing construction site falls. Before a job even begins, employers should strategize on how to do the job safely and determine what equipment is necessary for the task.
  • Train: Training is essential to safety on construction sites. Basic safety training can greatly reduce the number of accidents and injuries. Workers should also have training on the proper and effective use of all safety equipment.
  • Provide: Employees should always have access to the safety equipment needed for their particular job. Simply having the right equipment (such as harnesses and secure scaffolding) can help prevent falls.

Combating falls on construction sites can begin with the above three steps, as suggested by OSHA. With the appropriate measures in place, employees can enjoy safer workplaces and fewer work accidents, which in turn leads to better productivity and better results.

Your rights as an injured construction worker

If you suffered an injury on a job site, you have the right to a full and fair recovery. The fact that you work in an inherently dangerous job does not preclude you from receiving benefits in the event of a workplace injury.

You would be wise to learn more about your rightful claim to workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible after a job site accident. A fall can leave you seriously injured, but you do not have to face the painful, complicated aftermath of a construction site accident alone.

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