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Navigating Florida intersections can be life or death situation

When you’re behind the wheel and approaching a Florida intersection, do you ever get worried that there might be an accident? Have you ever been in a situation where you came to a four-way stop sign and it was your turn to go, but another car blew right through the stop sign leading across your path? Then, you understand how highly dangerous intersections can be.

There are crossroads with traffic lights or stop signs, as well as those that are without either. Whether you walk or drive, intersections are often extremely dangerous. No matter how cautious you might be at crossroads, a negligent motorist may catch you off -guard and cause an accident.

Be wary of intersection dangers

Do you know some of the most dangerous intersections in the United States happen to be right here in Florida? Following, are a few facts regarding situations that may lead to accidents:

  • Surprisingly, even intersections governed by traffic lights or stop signs are often high-risk areas. It seems driver error and heavy traffic are the most frequently reported causal factors of intersection collisions.
  • Road rage is another significant issue that often causes problems at intersections. Although some crossroads require cooperation and yielding from one driver to the next, those with flared tempers who may be in a rush place themselves and everyone else at risk for injury.
  • Surprisingly, some intersections in Florida contain six lanes of traffic in each direction. As in other traffic situations, the more cars that are on the road at the same time as you, the higher chances are for accidents to occur. High traffic at intersections merely seems to compound the danger factor.
  • Pedestrians not adhering to walk/don’t walk signs also pose substantial risk to motorists at intersections. If you are about to enter a crossroad on a green light and an intoxicated or careless pedestrian stumbles into your path, your uneventful car journey could quickly turn disastrous.

Surrounding circumstances can also affect intersection safety. For instance, if you’re maneuvering through a crossroads in a busy downtown area, it may be a lot more challenging than crossing an intersection on a rural country road (although those areas can be high risk as well because many have no stop signs or lights). The important thing to remember is you may be able to avoid a collision by staying alert and being aware of your surroundings when you drive.

Sadly, that may not have been enough to prevent you from being involved in an accident caused by another driver, and you suffered serious injuries. Like many Florida residents in similar situations, you may need to know where to turn for help after an intersection collision. Obtaining some help in pursuing compensation for your injuries may help alleviate some of the stress of a bad situation.

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