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When a rollover accident occurs on a South Florida roadway, victims of the accident can suffer extremely serious injuries and damages. Rollover accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but in some instances, these accidents occur because of driver error (such as by driving a vehicle in excess of the posted speed limit).

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury in a car or truck rollover accident, it is important that you have a skilled team of personal injury lawyers pursuing the compensation that you deserve. The experienced South Florida rollover accident attorneys at Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa can assist you with your claim and can zealously advocate for your legal right to recover monetary compensation for your injuries.

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What Causes a Rollover Accident to Happen?

Car and truck rollover accidents happen for various reasons. In some instances, these collisions occur because a driver violates a traffic law, such as by traveling far in excess of the speed limit. This is especially true when the driver of a large truck, such as a big rig or tractor-trailer, speeds and loses control of the vehicle, causing it to roll over. These types of accidents can also occur when a vehicle – usually a large truck – takes a curve too sharply or speeds while trying to negotiate a tight turn.

When a vehicle rolls over in the middle of a travel lane, the rollover could also lead to collisions involving other vehicles.

Common Injuries in Car and Truck Rollover Accidents

When car and truck rollover accidents happen, serious injuries can occur that result in hospitalization, medical treatment, medical procedures (including one or more surgeries), and physical therapy. The injuries that an accident victim suffers in a rollover accident depend largely upon the force of the impact and the number of times that the vehicle rolls over. Some common injuries that rollover accident victims suffer include the following:

If you have suffered any of these injuries after being involved in a truck rollover accident, the experienced South Florida rollover accident lawyers at Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa can file the necessary claim or lawsuit on your behalf and pursue the monetary damages that you deserve.

An Experienced South Florida Rollover Accident Attorney Can Help

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