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Driving slow may not be as safe as you think

Road safety campaigns have been telling people to slow down for years. There is ample evidence to show that the slower you are going, the greater the chance that a pedestrian or cyclist wills survive if you hit them. However, this does not mean that you should always drive slowly. Sometimes, going too far below the speed limit can be dangerous.

Sometimes you should slow down when driving

Sometimes, driving much slower than the speed limit is the correct thing to do. It makes sense in heavy rain, reduced visibility or on a poor road surface.

Why is driving too slowly dangerous?

 While there are times to slow down, you should usually try to go with the flow of traffic and remain close to the speed limit. Going much slower than the other traffic could cause problems for two reasons:

  • Others do not expect it: When driving, our brains make predictions based on what usually happens. Coming up to a junction, we anticipate that people will slow down. Leaving a set of lights, we assume people will speed up. Many drivers are distracted and not paying full attention to the road. If you act differently and pull away from lights slower than most people do, a distracted driver might fail to notice. They may carry on at the usual speed and ram into the back of you.
  • Other drivers may react badly: People are often in a rush when in their cars. If they see you as slowing them down, they may get angry. They may make unsafe attempts to pass you when the road is not clear. You could be injured if their dangerous passing maneuver fails.

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