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Steve B.

I would and have recommended Steve Simon, to my closest friends and family. The minute I walked through their door, Steve and his staff treated me as a priority. Steve was always honest, punctual and determined to do his best on my behalf. The outcome of my case was far more than I ever thought. I will not hesitate to obtain Steve as my lawyer in the future.

Williams V.

It was a pleasure to meet with Mr. Golden and the staff, you all are wonderful. Thank you very much for all your efforts and help.

Sven S.

Very helpful, very understandable, and amazing positive attitude.

Kenneth W.

Thanks for fighting for me. I’m excited to have surgery that’s covered! Steve’s the best!

Daryll D.

Great job! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Antonisha C.

You guys did a really great job. Very professional services and I am highly satisfied. Thank you!

Dany E.

I appreciate your service. It’s very quick. I will recommend you to any person. Good services!

Winson A.

You guys have a great team! I like the way you guys treated me. I really enjoy you guys’ service. Thank you for everyone, I love you guys.

Martin L.

I have dealt with many attorneys in my life & never experienced such a transparent, pleasurable, successful (more than I ever imagined) conclusion… Susanna Scarborough has all my admiration and respect.


Writing this note to formally say a very BIG “thank you” for representing me. Along with obtaining a successful outcome. I wanted to thank you for your support, guidance, understanding, advise, and legal negotiation skills. Not to mention, your time during the past two years.

Including your interest in me, your belief that I was worth being your client. You might say you were even just doing your job, however, I think it’s essential that you realize how fortunate I am to have such a trusted esteemed attorney in my corner, blessed really.

Needless to say, I will never forget your kindness. I would as that you have a genuine human-ness. I just couldn’t let your service sneak by without saying “thank you”. These two little words seem so very simple however, they carry with them my gratitude.

I pray for continual success for both your law firm and family. Although I pray I never need your services again, I will recommend you and your firm in the highest regards to any who may. Please extend my recognition to your first-rate, skilled, dedicated, efficient, and friendly office staff.

God bless you today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Marcus R.

Mr. Simon was professional and cares about the client and client’s family.

Myra H.

The staff were very polite and professional. Mr. Simon was extremely punctual and always returned my calls, and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend this office to any of my friends or family.

Candice M.

Thankful for the company’s representation. It’s been a drawn out affair but Steve, Karen, Luis & Nicole stayed close with me.

Emily Q.

Thank you for everything. You guys are awesome!

Rachel B.

Seeing Mr. Rosenthal come in to check on one of his employees with a broken foot and actually care about her well being blew me away. Love him.

Andre B.

Excellent service! I have already referred someone.

Jarrod L.

Helped me when my life was down. Alan is amazing!

Shunize C.

I am very satisfied with the entire case.

Geary D.

The firm stayed with the case and kept me updated on everything.

Sean V.

Luis was an amazing lawyer from every aspect. Very professional and informed us of anything going on. Highly recommend him to anybody.

Kelli Jo C.

Luis Sosa did an awesome job, I would definitely recommend having him represent someone. Any questions or anything we had, he was always a phone call away. He was very helpful. Thank you so much!

Nancy L.

Marc and his staff were more than my attorney, they became friends for 7 years. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cecelia B.

Having experienced firsthand the professionalism, compassion and humanity of Ms. Scarborough I can say without any reservations that I recommend her and her law firm of Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa to anyone in need of such services.

Her legal knowledge coupled with her straight forward approach to matters at hand re-enforce my confidence in her abilities. She gets the job done! Ms. Scarborough’s staff is also committed to excellence. They never dropped the ball, nor was there ever a lapse of communication during our nearly two year relationship. All calls were returned promptly.

If you seek legal council in the areas of her practice do not hesitate to contact her. Suzanna is absolutely the best!


Dear Suzanna, I cannot thank you enough for the way you handled my workmans comp case. You worked very hard to help me settle for a reasonable amount, although the amount does not compensate for all my pain and suffering. I definitely would recommend you and your firm. When I am in the area I will stop and say hello. Your professionalism and expertise went above and beyond for my benefit and I appreciate it!

Maria W.

If it wasn’t for your help, I know I wouldn’t have been able to win my case. I know that it was far away for you to come to Miami but your professionalism was outstanding. I will always recommend you.


Brian has been only a phone call away for almost 5 years. He is a real person that understands that bad things happen to good people. He never once made us feel ashamed of the position that we found ourselves in. He has stayed in touch with us and even contacted us recently when he learned about a mortgage modification program that we could benefits from. We did and he made it easy! He assistance seriously saved our marriage. I would high recommend him to anyone needing an attorney in the areas of law he practices.


Suzanna M. Scarborough is awesome, she explained everything in detail and was very supportive to my needs. I never want to LOSE HER NUMBER.

President, Jimmy Carter to Gerry Rosenthal

Rosalynn joins me in congratulating you on being honored with the Workplace Injury Law and Advocacy Group Lifetime Achievement Award. It is only fitting that your tireless efforts and advocate for justice are being honored in this way. We are grateful for your and Ingrid’s longtime friendship, and send you our warm best wishes on this special day.

Debra H.

Thank you, Gerry for all you have done to help injured workers in your entire career. The FJA is very proud of you.


Every part of my experience with Susan and Michelle has exceeded the highest marks.


Mr. Levy always gave me the best advice to resolve my case.


Jonathan was a great guy to have on my side throughout the entire process. He and Amarys are true professionals.


They took all measures to meet my needs.


I have recommended several people to the firm and will keep doing so. When I called for assistance. Attorney Aronson was always there for me.


Prompt, Professional and Informative.


Alan Aronson and his staff made everything easy to understand and I was always informed.


Atty. Golden was always available to help me when I had concerns.


Marc Golden and his assistant Monica helped me through this experience. I am very satisfied.

Faithe C.

Jonathan Levy has fought twice on my behalf and won. The first time was 14 years ago after I had a car accident that resulted in my being placed on disability due to the extent of my injuries. I do not have clear memories from that time period regarding meeting Jonathan Levy and all that he and his staff did on my behalf in helping me with the social security disability benefits. My mother handled a lot of my needs including the paperwork at that time. I do know that I may not have received social security disability benefits without Jonathan Levy and his law firm fighting on my behalf.

The second time that I required Jonathan Levy’s assistance was for the 2010 car accident. How did I know to contact him again if I didn’t have clear memories of him, you may wonder? I had seen a commercial with Jonathan Levy in it and I still had a booklet from his law firm with his picture in it, that my mother had kept with all of my paperwork. I made a facial connection plus a written connection of his name from the booklet. It was surreal to meet Jonathan again in person. I kept looking at him and thinking, do I know this person? Does he remember me? And at the same time thinking no, I can’t place him, other than from the commercial. So, I asked him, did you make a commercial? He answered, yes. Almost every time I would speak to Jonathan on the telephone, I would wonder, did I speak to him on the telephone like this the first time we met? Then I would dismiss the thought, remembering that I had seizures and couldn’t speak for a time period. I will say that every time I spoke to Jonathan regarding this recent accident, he was attentive, compassionate, truthful, and positive about the progress on my case. Jonathan was sincere in his concern for my injuries and I really appreciated that.

Jonathan Levy is an honest, compassionate, sincere, attentive, and humble attorney and man. He brings these qualities to his law practice and is able to fight for those people who can’t fight for themselves. He has developed a team of his associates and created an amazing group of people who are willing to help their clients overcome obstacles and win their case. The fact that Jonathan has won my case, it has allowed me to continue receiving much needed physical therapy and the medical care that I need. I have recommended Jonathan Levy and his law firm to my friends and one of them became his client. I am truly grateful for everything Jonathan Levy and his team have done on my behalf. He is truly a wonderful attorney.

Allison M.

After I was told by one law firm that I did not have a case against the company I used to work for, I was not about to give up and I asked an attorney friend for a referral. He told me about Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa and I called their office and received an appointment within just a couple days to meet with attorney Alan Aronson. I live in Boca and drove up to their office in West Palm Beach. To accommodate me after that all written correspondence was done via mail so that I didn’t have to make the half hour drive up the highway. Everyone in the office was respectful, courteous, positive, and professional. I was kept updated every step of the way and phone calls were returned promptly. Much to my surprise not only did they win my lawsuit but I ended up getting 3 times the original amount I was expecting to get! I could not have been more pleased with the staff and the outcome. I have referred Alan Aronson to many of my other ex-coworkers and I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who has an issue with their workplace.

Harold E.

It gives me great pleasure to type this letter of satisfaction, gratification, and appreciation for the above excellence of service that I received from your firm, in the handling of my case. My experience with your firm was one that left me with a positive overall impression of lawyers. I must say that I had a very pessimistic outlook on most law firms for various and some obvious reasons. However, having direct and immediate contact with Ms. Tailynn Guyton as your paralegal was nothing short of professionalism, astute knowledge of the whole process and content of the legal matter, and sincere/genuine concern for me and my situation that I suffered. I was not left with ambiguity as to the progress of the case. I was constantly informed by Ms. Guyton every step of the way, without me having to initiate a single call. Ms. Guyton was very precise, concise, and thorough with what I would expect during the case. I was highly impressed with her knowledge of the law and how fluently she articulated the procedures be it medical, insurance, and Florida law concerning rights etc. I would highly encourage her to go to law school with the firm endorsement. I was constantly abreast of the manner in which he was taking the case, in order to get the best results an outcome for me as his client. The results of the case again left with me with a very positive impression on the rule of law and the processes thereof. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend anyone that I know to consult the law firm of Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa if they should find themselves in a situation that require legal representation. The entire staff exudes a high quality of excellence in all that they do and the facility conveys a presence of success. I’m very glad that I was recommended to consult your firm from Dr. Thompson, Chiropractor MD. The law firm that I originally selected concluded very early on that they didn’t see a case worth fighting or at least winnable. Thanks for all that you do and have a continued prosperous 2014 New Year.

Shona M.

I was injured at work directly due to poor management decisions. I worked as a lifeguard and a child that was in the care of the day care facility on the campus ran away. He was in immediate danger. I retrieved him safely but he was combative and as a result my ACL was torn. From the moment it happened I was considered a problem. The management handed me a small ice pack and told me to return to duty. I was, in fact, in shock. I refused and demanded an incident report. I then drove myself to a doctor. He immediately prescribed me pain meds and crutches. Apparently this doctor was not in the network. I was not provided a list of who was in network. The next 6 weeks consisted of me trying to get proper health care. Worker’s Compensation continually treated me like I was lying about the severity of the injury. Meanwhile, the injury was getting worse as my muscles were wasting away. I was in pain, unable to walk and was completely left hanging by both Worker’s Compensation and my employer. My employer gave me a position with half the hours and cut my pay in half as well. When I was sent to a shoulder surgeon for my knee injury and then called a liar about it I realized I needed an advocate or I would not receive any assistance. A good friend recommended Mr. Golden. I called his office and was told to come in immediately. Within 1 week of meeting with his team I had seen a doctor, received an MRI and was finally sent to a knee doctor for further treatment. As my muscles had gone limp I then had to go through some excruciating physical therapy in order to be a candidate for surgery. All which could have been avoided had I received proper health care in the first place. But thanks to Atty Golden and his team once the process started I was well on my way to getting my surgery and my life back. I was out of work for 4 months after the surgery and continued painful physical therapy for the duration of this unemployment. I shutter to think what could have happened had I not made that phone call. They fought to get some pay to assist with my mounting bills. And without them I would have lost my house. I cannot thank Mr. Golden and his team enough for their sincere approach, professionalism and results. I am now working full time as a lifeguard and swim instructor and feel very confident that my knee recovery was a complete success.

After the settlement I was able to catch up on my mortgage and pay off all debts accrued due to the injury. The stress of the mounting bills was weighing heavily on me and I was a burden to my family as I was continually having to borrow money and food. The financial relief made us all be able to take a deep breathe and move on with our lives.

Without question I would recommend this firm to anyone in a similar situation. If you need and advocate that cares, and knows the system and how to apply it to the injured then Mr. Golden is the person to call. I cannot say enough good things about how my case was handled, the quality of my doctors and nurses and the overall positive response I got once I made that phone call. They even took the time to listen to me cry about my situation and were genuinely sympathetic to what I was going through. Julie Vos was particularly efficient in general and helpful during my break downs.

Thank you Mr. Golden and Julie Vos and the rest of the team. That episode is now behind me. I am better and stronger and more secure than ever and I could not have archived this without them. The only thing I would have changed is that I would have called them earlier.

Deborah K.

My experience with Marc Golden and Meri Spoltore was very positive, and I deeply appreciate all they did to bring my case to a successful resolution. They insured that I got the proper medical treatment, and always kept me informed through conference calls, emails and face-to-face meetings. They are very professional and thorough, and I always felt that Marc and Meri were my advocates. I am certain that the favorable conclusion of my case would not have been possible without them, and specifically, without Marc’s skills as a negotiator.

I suffered an on-the job injury that fractured my lower leg and severely damaged my knee, and I tried to deal with that within the operations of my employer, a major telecommunications company where I had worked for 34 years. My employer’s response, administered through the company’s insurer was very unsatisfactory, and they constantly delayed or denied needed medical treatment, demanding I return to work when I was unable to walk. I decided to engage legal counsel, and was referred to Marc Golden and Rosenthal, Levy by a relative, who is an attorney.

From the moment their letter of representation arrived, everything changed, and my employer, the insurance company and the medical providers all began to behave professionally, and I received the medical treatment I needed. My employer’s attitude also changed, and I was treated with respect. Ultimately, my case was settled, and a very satisfactory settlement was reached. That was important, but to me the most important thing was to get proper medical treatment and therapy so I could recover from my injury and get on with my life. This would never have been possible without Marc Golden and Meri Spoltore and the work they did on my behalf.

I have already recommended Marc Golden and the firm to several people, including a former co-worker who recently suffered an on-the-job injury at the same company. I will continue to enthusiastically recommend Marc and the firm to anyone who might need your services.

I know better now, but I was one of those people who thought the company where I worked for 34 years would treat me properly when I was severely injured on the job, particularly when the accident wasn’t my fault. The company had cut back on building cleaning services to save money, and I slipped and fell on a greasy lunch room floor that hadn’t been cleaned. As a result of my experience, I would tell anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances to engage Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa; and Marc Golden, immediately. It made a world of difference in my case.

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I was injured at work directly due to poor management decisions. I worked as a lifeguard and a child that was in the care of the day care facility on the campus ran away. He was in immediate danger. I…
I have recommended Jonathan Levy and his law firm to my friends and one of them became his client. I am truly grateful for everything Jonathan Levy and his team have done on my behalf. He is truly a wonderful attorney.
Faithe C.

Much to my surprise not only did they win my lawsuit but I ended up getting 3 times the original amount I was expecting to get! I could not have been more pleased with the staff and the outcome.
Allison M.

If it wasn’t for your help, I know I wouldn’t have been able to win my case. I know that it was far away for you to come to Miami but your professionalism was outstanding. I will always recommend you.
Maria W.

You might say you were even just doing your job, however, I think it’s essential that you realize how fortunate I am to have such a trusted esteemed attorney in my corner, blessed really.

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