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Potential Parties Responsible For Your Truck Accident Injuries

After a truck accident, it is crucial to conduct a thorough investigation into exactly what happened. It is also important to access what parties could be responsible for your accident.

The following is a list of potential individuals who could be held responsible.

The Truck Driver

Truck drivers have a duty to drive with care in order to avoid a crash. When a truck driver fails in this duty, serious harm can result. Distraction, drug or alcohol use, fatigue, or violations of traffic or equipment safety laws can all result in tragedy.

The Trucking Company

Trucking companies have a number of serious safety responsibilities. They must make sure the drivers they hire are fit to drive, have proper credentials and follow rules regarding hours of service. They must ensure that the equipment they provide is maintained to meet federal and state requirements. They must provide the training and tools that drivers need to operate their vehicles safely. When a company fails in any of these duties, it may share the fault for a crash. Even if the trucking company itself didn’t do anything wrong, it may still be held responsible for the actions of its driver.

The Cargo Shipper Or Handler

Some truck accidents are triggered by a problem with the cargo. For instance, cargo may shift during travel, throwing a vehicle off balance, or it may contain unstable elements that are not separated properly. If the cargo causes an accident, a shipper who did not properly prepare it for transport may be to blame.

The Truck Part Manufacturer

A truck or truck part that fails when the truck is in motion may cause an accident. If the failure is a result of a hidden defect in the part’s manufacture or design, the company responsible for creating or designing the part may be held responsible.

The trucking industry has a number of safety regulations in place to keep drivers from being overworked and to make sure vehicles are properly maintained. Our West Palm Beach truck accident lawyers will determine whether any of the parties involved violated these regulations, resulting in your crash.

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