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Why might I want to mediate if I get hurt in a truck accident?

After a serious truck accident, a West Palm Beach, Florida, victim may find that he or she is simply not getting anywhere with the insurance company of the truck driver or trucking firm, even if it is pretty clear that the truck driver is responsible for the accident.

For a lot of reasons, a victim may want to consider mediation as a way of resolving their dispute, either before or after a lawsuit gets filed. Mediation can mean a victim can get a settlement more quickly so that they can move on with their lives. At the same time, the settlement can still be crafted so as to pay for the person’s expenses and losses.

Basically, mediation involves all sides to the dispute, usually the victim, the responsible party, and the insurance companies involved, in to one place to discuss the case honestly and without undue confrontation. A neutral mediator oversees the process and helps the parties come together to reach an agreement. The agreement will no doubt involve some sacrifices on both sides, but at the same time, everyone gets some of what they want.

It is very important that the mediator give every impression that he or she is truly neutral and will maintain strict confidentiality about the process. He or she also needs to make sure that both sides understand that negotiating an agreement is voluntary; no one should feel pushed to sign anything.

If both sides come to an agreement, then the mediator and the attorneys involved will put the agreement in writing. If not, then the victim can decide whether to go forward with his or her case full steam ahead or whether he or she wants to try continued negotiations.

A West Palm Beach, Florida truck accident injury attorney can help an accident victim decide whether or not mediation is a good option for him or her.

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