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Chain of events may have led to crash involving Venus Williams

Last year tennis superstar and South Florida resident Venus Williams was involved in a tragic car collision that claimed the life of an elderly man. The incident occurred at an intersection where Williams slowed down and was then hit by a vehicle driven by the victim’s wife. The victim’s family has sued Williams and claims that she was the person responsible for the crash and the victim’s death; Williams’ legal team now claims that the true responsible party is another individual all together.

Williams’ attorneys have stated that a vehicle made an illegal turn in front of Williams and that was the reason that she had to slow down in the intersection where the crash occurred. Had the other driver not turned left illegally in front of Williams’ sport utility vehicle she would not have slowed and been in the intersection when the victim and his wife entered.

Causation and chains of events can be important and sometimes difficult sequences of facts to piece together for car accident cases. In this story, an accident between two vehicles may be traced back to the actions of a driver whose vehicle was not even involved in the collision. Chains of events can become even more convoluted the more vehicles and parties that are involved in the crashes.

Williams and her legal team with fight for her rights as she takes on the civil claims of liability made against her. If they are able to prove that a third party was at fault for the crash them she may avoid the consequences of the actions she allegedly caused.

Source:, “Attorneys for Venus Williams say third driver is at fault for fatal crash,” Jason Hackett, Feb. 9, 2018

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