West Palm Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

West Palm Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

When you choose to walk - whether for exercise or transportation - in West Palm Beach, you get the benefits of spending time outdoors and enjoying the scenery of South Florida. However, if you are walking anywhere near traffic, even in a parking lot, you are at risk of being the victim of a pedestrian accident and injuries. If this happens to you, never wait to discuss your legal rights with a West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyer.

Common Locations of Pedestrian Accidents

You might think that crossing the street in a crosswalk is safe for people walking, but crosswalks are some of the most common locations of pedestrian collisions in West Palm Beach. This is because many drivers are not paying attention or are in a hurry, and they fail to notice when pedestrians have a walk signal and the right of way.

Some of the most dangerous intersections in West Palm Beach for pedestrians include:

That said, pedestrians can get hit by drivers anywhere and can suffer serious injuries, no matter how fast or slow the car was moving. If you’re facing extensive losses from your pedestrian injuries, you should learn about how to seek the compensation you deserve.

Drivers Who Cause Pedestrian Collisions

You might assume that drivers would be especially careful not to hit pedestrians, but in reality, pedestrians are at a high risk of accidents. In one recent year, 487 crashes were reported in Palm Beach County, resulting in 404 injuries and 43 fatalities. These accidents happen largely due to negligent drivers.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of pedestrian crashes. If a driver is not paying attention, they can easily miss a pedestrian or fail to obey traffic signals. This is common when a driver is making a right turn on red and does not notice a pedestrian crossing. Drunk driving is another common cause of these accidents, as alcohol can impair a driver’s ability to focus and pay attention to their surroundings, including pedestrians.

Speeding, aggressive driving, and other traffic violations can all also lead to pedestrian accidents, as well as driver liability for any injuries that result. Let us bring over 35 years of experience to evaluate your rights to compensation and seek the full amount of economic and non-economic damages that you deserve. This can include for:

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