Insurance Disputes In South Florida | How to Make Insurance Companies Pay

Our Job Is To Make The Insurance Company Pay

Despite their sales pitch, to the contrary, insurance companies are notorious for not being there in your time of need. They are more than happy to collect your premiums every month but when you need to invoke the policy, they use every tactic to deny coverage or lowball your claim.

Are you locked in an insurance dispute and tired of getting the run-around? Our Florida trial lawyers have battled the biggest insurers in the country and made them pay.

A Record Of Results In Insurance Disputes

Our experienced attorneys force insurance companies to honor their obligations, through negotiations and through state and federal courts. We have dealt with every type of insurance policy, including:

Several of our lawyers formerly worked in insurance defense. We know the insurance company tactics and how to hold them accountable for the full and timely payment of your insurance claim.

Lawsuits For Insurance Bad Faith

There can be legitimate disagreements over the fine print of your policy. But other times insurers deny claims for invalid reasons or with no explanation at all. By law, they must consider your claim in good faith and give a specific justification for denial. Failure to do so may be grounds to sue for bad faith claims handling.

Examples of bad faith include denial of claims without an investigation, systematic denial of certain claims, misrepresentations to policyholders, denials based on obscure technicalities, or unreasonable delays in paying valid claims. In addition to the value of the underlying claim, if an insurance company acted in bad faith it can be forced to pay damages incurred as a consequence of the insurer’s bad faith conduct, and even punitive damages where such conduct is proven to be a general business practice.

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