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Typical injuries from low-speed car accidents

When people read about car crashes, they often hear about the most gruesome incidents. Take the recent case of a family of four in Florida who died when driving back from the Kennedy Space Center. The loss of life caused the accident to receive front page headlines.

While these types of incidents draw all the attention, the majority of car accidents tend to be more mild in nature. The vehicles that collide with one another are typically travelling at lower speeds, and the damage to the vehicles is often repairable. However, even a collision with a car traveling at 10 miles per hour can result in significant injuries to the people inside. 

Whiplash and neck injuries

Most people injured in a low-speed crash should still see a doctor to receive an examination of the neck and lower back. Even when the other car goes at a low speed, it can still cause the victim’s head and neck to whip back and forth. This can be more detrimental if the headrest is not in the proper position. All people, particularly those who are tall, should ensure the headrest is in a position where the head will make contact with it in the event of a collision. 

As far as the lower back, the same motion of jerking back and forth can cause a person’s back to slam against the seat. This can lead to bruising and other types of injuries to the back and ribs.

Car damage

Once you know you are safe, you need to have a professional inspect your car for damage. The reason why many people assume they are fine physically after a crash is due to the fact they cannot see any damage on the vehicle’s exterior, so they assume they are okay. 

However, damage could have occurred somewhere in your car where you cannot see it. An auto technician will inspect the absorbers and bumper mounts to ensure those are still all right. Of course, even if your vehicle is still functional, you need to remember it is designed to take impacts from other cars. Your body is not. 

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