Drive With a Dashcam in the Car?

Should I Drive With a Dashcam in My Car?

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All drivers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all road users. They must follow all the traffic laws, reduce distractions while driving, not drive while impaired, and always check blind spots, among many others. But despite a driver’s best efforts and intentions, not all drivers are the same, and car crashes can occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

Whether it’s a multi-vehicle crash, a driver backing up into a pedestrian, or a speeding motorcyclist, a dashboard camera or dashcam can support a driver’s claim that they’re not at fault when a car crash happens. So yes – you should definitely consider installing a dashcam in your car.

How Dashcam Footage Can Prove Fault in a Car Crash

The police have long used dashcams for keeping video records of traffic encounters, arrests, and pursuits. In recent years, however, more and more civilian drivers are installing dashcams on their cars. Footage from these cameras, with proper verification, can be used as evidence in car accident cases.

Dashcam footage can also be extremely helpful when establishing fault in contested car accident claims. For example, when an at-fault driver is claiming that the other driver is the one who’s fully or partially at fault for the crash, the other driver can use the dashcam footage to refute the claim. The footage can also be used during pretrial conferences.

But it’s crucial to note that dashcam footage alone may not be sufficient to prove fault in motor vehicle accidents. Keep in mind that dashcams have limited views, and accidents can occur outside of their range. While dashcams can be conclusive or very helpful in some crashes, in most cases, they may not be enough to prove fault for a car crash.

Other Important Evidence to Prove Fault in a Car Accident

People involved in motor vehicle collisions must not overlook other things that they can use as solid evidence to prove their claim. Other pieces of evidence, aside from the dashcam footage, you can use for proving your claim includes:

  • The police report created by the law enforcement officer who responded to the car accident.
  • Photos and videos of the victims, your injuries, and the accident scene.
  • Physical evidence from the scene, including broken car parts, skid marks, damage to the vehicles, other debris, etc.
  • Medical reports to prove the extent and specific nature of your injuries.
  • Evidence to prove your lost income, such as pay stubs.
  • Witness accounts, including testimonies from the vehicle occupants and bystanders.

Seek Legal Guidance from an Experienced West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

A car crash may be simple and minor, and dashcam footage may reveal exactly who caused the crash. But it’s also possible that a crash can be much more complicated.

If you’ve been involved in a Florida car accident that caused your injuries, contact the Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa law firm for legal assistance. Send us an online message or call 561-478-2500 to set up a free case review with our West Palm Beach car accident lawyer.

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