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What makes drowsy driving deadly?

Florida residents like you understand that you will come across many dangers when you hit the road. Unfortunately, drowsy drivers might be one of them. Though it’s talked about less frequently than distracted or drunk driving, drowsing driving can be just as deadly. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention take a look at what exactly makes drowsy driving such risky behavior. First of all, being sleep-deprived or exhausted actually has a similar impact on your mind and body to being under the influence. With both situations, you can experience any or all of the following:

  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Impaired vision
  • Slowed reflexes
  • Increased agitation, irritability and confusion

Like drivers who are under the influence, drowsy drivers tend to drive too fast or slow. They may brake suddenly or not quickly enough, or swerve while attempting to drive in a straight line. They may weave into other lanes of traffic as well.

Additionally, drowsy driving shares similar dangers with distracted driving. Being tired takes your eyes off of the road, your mind off of driving, and sometimes it can even take your hands off of the wheel. Of course, the most alarming aspect of drowsy driving is that a tired driver can literally fall asleep at the wheel. This isn’t just an impairment – it’s a complete incapacitation, leading to the inability to react quickly in a dangerous situation.

If you have been caught up in a crash with a drowsy driver, you may want to seek compensation for the injuries you suffer from.

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