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How to handle another driver’s insurance company

After a car accident in which your car was damaged and you may have sustained an injury, the other driver should report what happened to his or her insurance company. This does not always occur, however. The driver might be embarrassed or otherwise reluctant to contact the company about the car crash.

So, what should you do if you need to report the accident to the other insurance company, and how do you handle any future interactions?

Withhold opinions

One important aspect is to avoid casting blame and judgment, even if (especially if) you think the other driver is at fault or mostly at fault. Nor should you take responsibility for the accident; you do not know all of the facts. The other driver could have been texting or intoxicated, for example. Stick with the bare facts of the accident such as time, location and who was involved.

Do not agree to be recorded

Never agree to give a recorded statement. These statements are often a way for another driver’s insurance company to lock you into a certain version of events or to get you to seemingly admit fault so you will accept less money in a settlement. Because of leading questions or surprise questions, the reality is that the company could record you saying basically anything.

If the other insurance company does ask for some sort of statement, you may be okay with preparing a written one. Have a lawyer review it before you turn it in.

Enlist the help of an attorney

Some cases can be more complicated than others. For example, maybe the collision totaled your car, and you cannot drive it to work. That means lost wages. Plus, you have some health concerns from the crash and are racking up medical bills. If just one of these scenarios applies, it may be worth your while to seek an attorney’s consultation before you contact the other driver’s insurance company. This can help you avoid potentially costly missteps, including those with your own insurer.

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