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Study finds a link between TBIs and risk for dementia

No one expects to suffer a head injury in any type of accident. This is especially true in a workplace accident. While it is an unexpected injury, it is one that plagues many workers in Florida and elsewhere. Whether it is due to a fall, slip or mechanical incident, workers could suffer tremendously when a brain injury ensues.

Although many are aware of the severe impact a head trauma could have on brain activity, some may not be aware of the long-term or future impact it could have on an accident victim. Based on current studies and data, brain injuries are linked to a higher risk of dementia. Research indicates that a traumatic brain injury or TBI is the leading cause of death and disability in the U.S.

A TBI results in more than 2.5 million emergency department visits each year. Although it is clear that TBIs can have devastating impacts and impairments with regards to thinking, memory and emotional functions, current research suggests that this type of injury could increase the risk of a victim suffering dementia.

While there is no evidentiary conclusion that this link is certain, a study that looked at victims 35 years or more after a TBI, there was a 25 percent increased risk of developing dementia. This study also found that this link was stronger in the first year following a head injury. More severe or multiple TBIs also showed a stronger link, which came as no surprise to researchers.

When a worker suffers a head injury at work, it is not only important to seek immediately medical treatment but also continuous medical treatment, as this injury could impact a victim for years or even a lifetime. Additionally, workers living with the effects of a brain injury should explore their rights and options. This could mean seeking workers’ compensation benefits to address losses and damages associated with the injury.

Source:, “Traumatic brain injury linked to increased dementia risk: Report,” Christy Duan, Jan. 31, 2018

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