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Workers’ compensation: Crane accident in Florida injures 6

Construction work typically ranks high on lists regarding industries that pose inherent risk for injury to workers. Every year, many injured workers file workers’ compensation claims to collect benefits that help them pay medical bills and replace lost wages during recovery from workplace accidents. A recent tragedy involving a crane occurred on a Florida work site that resulted in injuries to six employees. 

A crane was in operation at the construction site. Workers were using the crane to transport a load of steel bars. Questions remain as to why the massive piece of machinery malfunctioned, but it did, and the bundle of bars suddenly broke lose and fell on a group of workers. Sadly, two of the workers became impaled by the heavy bars of steel. 

Rescue workers used a special saw that can cut through steel to extricate the two workers who were impaled through their upper bodies by the rebar. They also helped another worker escape, while three of the trapped victims were able to make their own way out of the rubble. All the workers were then transported to a nearby hospital with injuries ranging from critical to serious. 

Rebar is a common construction material that is used to reinforce concrete in building construction and renovation projects. Florida employers are obligated to make sure all workers are properly trained and provided with safety equipment before operating on or working near heavy machinery on the job. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be stressful because the system is complex, and insurance agencies often try to deny an initial claim. This is why many injured workers seek legal support before pursuing their claims. 

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