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Preparation is key when applying for Social Security Disability

Acquiring the government assistance you need when you find yourself unable to work can be a difficult task. Your lifestyle may change significantly all at once, and adding the process of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can make things even more complicated. But taking a few steps early on can make the process easier and reduce your stress.

When federal bureaucracy is involved, there is always going to be some waiting time. But there are certain things you can do to speed up and smooth out the process. Being proactive and prepared is key.

Gather your information

Determining whether you are eligible for SSD benefits is going to involve the government looking at a lot of your background information. Your work and medical history, disability information and current living situation will all factor into determining whether you get approved or not. Having your birth certificate, old W-2 forms and doctor’s reports in order beforehand will save time during the application process.

Getting a head start

You will have to go into a Social Security office at some point to turn in your application and be interviewed. But you can make the process much easier by starting it online. Between finding out when to arrive, getting a list of required materials and filling out the application in advance, you could cut the time you spend at the office in half.

The SSD application process can be complex, and it can often take a few months before you receive a decision. It’s not uncommon for valid applications to be denied, and appealing such a decision can cost you even more time and anxiety. A Social Security Disability attorney can be a valuable asset in helping you to file your claim the right way.

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