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3 costly workers’ compensation mistakes to avoid

Getting injured on the job is a serious incident. You might be eligible for reimbursement for your medical bills and lost wages at work. However, much of the success of your workers’ compensation claim will depend on how you handle the aftermath of your workplace accident

If you make some simple mistakes, you could end up getting less than you deserve. Below are the most common worker’s compensation mistakes you should avoid so you get the most out of your claim. 

1. Failing to notify your employer immediately

You might assume your injury is no big deal at first and you do not want to cause a fuss. However, your injury matters, and symptoms could even get worse later. Do not delay reporting your accident to your employer. According to Florida workers’ compensation laws, you should report your injury within 30 days, but you should report it as soon as you can. 

2. Failing to describe your injuries in detail

You have the right to all necessary medical treatment, including prescriptions, physical therapy and surgery. However, if you do not tell your medical provider all the details of your injuries, you might not get the care or compensation you need. Do not try to act tough or play down your injuries. 

3. Lying about your injuries

On the other hand, you do not want to falsify any symptoms. Avoid embellishing any injuries to try and strengthen your claim. Your medical provider will be able to diagnose all your injuries and determine whether you were lying about any of them. This can damage your claim, even if you did experience a legitimate injury in the first place. Do not lie or fabricate anything – just tell the truth. 

Making these mistakes can significantly hinder your claim or even lead to its denial. Be prudent throughout the process and get help from a workers’ compensation attorney. 

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