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Parents awarded $45 million in Florida wrongful death claim

Wrongful death legal options protect families who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident. The parents of a medical school student that was killed in a fatal car accident in Florida were recently awarded $45 million in damages. The fatal car accident occurred in nearby Florida community about an hour south of the West Palm Beach area. A construction company was ordered to pay the parents $35 million and the driver of a tractor trailer involved in the fatal car accident was ordered to pay the parents $10,005,000 million.

The accident that killed the 29-year old victim occurred when a tractor trailer exited a median from a construction area and collided with the victim’s car. The driver of the tractor trailer blocked all of the lanes of the highway the victim was traveling on as the victims’ vehicle approached. The tractor trailer was hauling concrete barriers for the construction area. Both vehicles were propelled about a quarter of a mile down the highway due to the force of the accident which also removed the roof from the victim’s vehicle.

The victim died at the scene of the accident and his 25-year old passenger survived. The accident resulted in a chain-reaction crash that also killed a teenage girl. The parents of the medical student argued that the construction company failed to safely guide construction vehicles in and out of the construction site into lanes of traffic which resulted in the fatal accident. The jurors in the case found that the negligence of the construction company and the truck driver caused the accident and awarded the family damages. The construction company has blamed the truck driver, who is also facing criminal charges related to the accident, for the fatal accident.

The unexpected loss of a loved one in a catastrophic fatal accident can have a devastating impact on surviving family members and loved ones which is why wrongful death legal protections are available to hold careless drivers and others accountable and ensure the family is compensated for the emotional and financial damages they suffer. As a result, it is important for families to be familiar with the legal protections available to them during a difficult time.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Parents of med school student killed in wreck awarded $45 million,” Erika Pesantes, Oct. 27, 2017

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