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One Disney worker hurt, one killed, in separate accidents

Recent reports stated that, in two separate incidents, two workers at Disney World, one of Florida’s most famous employers, suffered injuries. The incidents took place on the same day.

Sadly, one of the workers died because of the workplace accident, although reports do not specify exactly what happened.

In the other case, a man reportedly fell at one of the major attractions of the gigantic theme park. Although police did not describe the full extent of the man’s injuries, they indicated that he was not in danger of death. The man apparently was able to call for emergency assistance himself after he fell.

Particularly in large businesses and those that perform unusual or highly variable activities, such as a theme park, there are special risks that workers face which workers for other employers may not. Still, in just about any industry, there is always the possibility of someone falling, suffering a blow from an object or some other common accident.

The good news is that Florida’s workers’ compensation system is designed to protect employees from these relatively common but all-too-often very serious incidents. In cases like the one here, where a worker dies, benefits for the victim’s close relatives who relied on the victim for financial support may be available.

These benefits pay for things like medical bills, lost wages and funeral expenses. These benefits are awarded without regard to fault, meaning that even if a victim made a mistake and caused the accident, the victim or the family can still get benefits in most cases.

While workers’ compensation is designed to be relatively easy for employees to use, sometimes it can be a confusing and difficult system to navigate. Legal assistance is available through attorneys who have experience representing clients in workers’ compensation claims.

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