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Have you Or A Loved One been injured In A Car Accident in Palm Beach County Or St. Lucie County?

The Attorneys at Rosenthal Levy, Simon & Sosa have been representing victims involved in car accidents in South Florida to include, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach & St. Lucie Counties since 1985. Our skilled, aggressive lawyers are passionate litigators who believe you should be fully & fairly compensated for your injuries and financial hardships caused by car a car accident.

Why Choose Us?

Our car accident lawyers have recovered millions for our clients in auto accident-related cases in the state of Florida:

A $3.5 million settlement as a result of an on-the-job motor vehicle accident resulting in catastrophic brain injury to the client.

A $2.75 million settlement in a serious motor vehicle accident causing significant damage to the client’s chest and back.

A $1.25 Million Recovery for a man who was rear ended on I-95 in St. Lucie County after an accident.

Many lawyers tout themselves as "trial attorneys" but many have never actually tried a case. You can be assured our car accident attorneys are fully prepared to go to trial if necessary. We have a reputation for refusing to settle cases unless an adequate sum is offered to our client, that fully compensates them for the injuries and financial loss suffered from a car accident. The Palm Beach County car accident attorneys at Rosenthal, Levy Simon & Sosa have tried multiple multi-million-dollar cases. When deciding on the best car accident lawyer near you, it is especially important to pick an attorney who has extensive experience in trying car accident cases. Unless insurance companies understand your attorney is willing to try the case, they will never settle the case for full value.

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What Is The Cost Associated With Hiring Our Top Rated Car Accident Attorneys?

Our Consultations are free, and you pay nothing unless we win. All of our car and auto accident lawyers are paid on a Contingency fee basis. We are paid by taking a percentage on the amount recovered for our clients. This amount is usually one third of the net recovery after disbursement. This means that the cost of a car accident lawyer varies based on the amount recovered for the client.

Meet Our Car Accident Injury Attorneys:
Steven C. Simon
Managing Shareholder

“My goal is to always provide uncompromising and aggressive representation so that our clients receive full compensation for their injuries. I understand that large or small, each claim deserves the highest quality representation. It’s their life that I am entrusted with, and I take that responsibility very seriously,” Mr. Simon stated.

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Jonathan T. Levy
Managing Shareholder

This passionate lawyer has dedicated his career to handling cases involving catastrophic medical malpractice, products liability, and vehicle collisions. It is his dedication to pursuing what is right and due, that has built him an extraordinary reputation in trial litigation.

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Luis A. Sosa

Luis Sosa was born in Ciego de Ávila Cuba and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. Ever since he can remember, he has had a passion for law and the American justice system. Today, he is a proud attorney of Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa. Every day he fights for the injured and protects their interests against insurance companies that try to prevent fair and just recoveries. He is bi-lingual and speaks fluent Spanish.

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“I would and have recommended Steve Simon, to my closest friends and family. The minute I walked through their door, Steve and his staff treated me as a priority. Steve was always honest, punctual and determined to do his best on my behalf. The outcome of my case was far more than I ever thought. I will not hesitate to obtain Steve as my lawyer in the future.”

— Steve B.

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Types Of Injuries Caused By Car Accidents:

Car accidents can cause injuries ranging from very minor to catastrophic. Below are the most common injuries suffered by motor vehicle accident victims:

Soft tissue injuries

This type of injury while not as severe as most can still be painful and long-lasting. Sprains, strains, bruising, and other damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments (soft tissue injuries) are very common in car accidents.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

Car accidents are a leading cause of TBI’s and are caused by blunt force trauma to the head.

Spinal cord injuries and paralysis (quadriplegia/tetraplegia and paraplegia)

Spinal cord injuries from the impact of a car accident can be quite severe resulting in partial or total paralysis. Short term or permanent disability could be possible depending on the severity of the injury.


If a fire is caused by a car accident the occupant’s driver and passengers’ skin can come into contact with extremely hot surfaces, steam, or chemicals. Multiple surgeries and skin grafts may be needed depending on the severity of the burns.

Internal injuries

When a crash forces the body into an object such as a steering wheel or dashboard, or the body is hit by flying debris in the car, serious internal organ damage can occur. This can cause Internal bleeding and requires immediate emergency medical treatment.

Broken Bones

Broken backs, necks, wrists, legs, arms, ankles & pelvises are all very common injuries in car accidents. Severity ranges from simple fractures that require a cast, to serious breaks or compound fractures that could require multiple surgeries.

Scars & Disfigurement

Facial injuries caused by Shattered flying glass, impact with a steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, airbag, side window, car seat or any hard surface can cause lasting scars that could require surgery to correct.


An arm, leg, finger, toe, or other appendages can be severed in a crash or damaged severely enough to require surgical amputation. This type of injury can have permanent disabling effects on the victim.

Why Car Accidents Happen?

Unfortunately, most often the cause of automobile accidents is driver error. Texting while driving, failure to yield the right of way, following too closely, driving at an excessive rate of speed, driving while intoxicated and driving under the influence and disregard of traffic control devices are all too common on Florida’s roads and highways.


Drivers fail to pay attention to the road in any number of ways: by texting, eating, listening to loud music, or simply failing to pay proper attention to their surroundings. The results can be deadly. The FLHSMV estimates that 58 percent of all deaths and injuries in crashes are caused by careless or distracted driving. Listen to our Public Service Announcements about Florida’s Don’t Text and Drive law.


Every Florida driver knows that drunk driving kills — but not everyone puts this information into practice. Drunk driving causes 15 percent of all car crash deaths and 18 percent of all car crash injuries.


Whose turn is it at a traffic signal, a stop sign, a yield sign, or a crosswalk? Drivers who got the answer wrong caused 11 percent of all crash deaths in Florida in one recent year, according to the FLHSMV.


Speeding may involve going faster than the posted speed limit or driving too fast for conditions, like heavy rain or fog, even if the speed limit is not broken. Speeding causes 12 percent of all crash deaths in Florida, according to the FLHSMV.

Nearly 20 million motor vehicles are registered in the state of Florida and that does not include thousands of vehicles driven by out-of-state visitors and truckers. With so many drivers on the state’s roads, car accidents are inevitable.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), tens of thousands of auto accident collisions occur in West Palm Beach & Palm Beach County every single year.

Helpful information when your involved in a car accident.

Deal with the immediate issues: Are you hurt? Are your passengers hurt? Is the car on fire?

Once you have dealt with the immediate issues when involved in an accident you should:

1. Call 911 Immediately

Unless there was absolutely no damage (and even if you cannot see it, sometimes there is), call the authorities. Their account will become the official record, and your insurance company will need that. Move your cars to the side of the road to maintain the flow of traffic; if they are too damaged to be moved, turn on the hazard lights and wait until police arrive.

2. Exchange Information

Do not exchange more than basic information such as your name and your insurance information to the other party, anything you say can be used against you in your case. Make sure to get the other parties, contact information, insurance information, license plate, car make and model, and driver’s license number.

3. Identify witnesses

This is absolutely crucial because witnesses often leave the scene and are impossible to track down. If possible, write down their names and contact information for later.

4. Take photographs of injuries and the accident scene if possible

Injuries heal faster than you think, and the police might not get the proper photographs needed for claim. Use your phone and take pictures of the cars, license plates, bruises, cuts and whatever else is relevant.

5. Receive medical Attention

Make sure to follow up with your doctor and have your injuries documented. This is especially important, even if you do not think you are hurt. It might take a few days for your injuries to manifest, and by then your insurance company will not connect it to the accident because of the gap in between.

6. Florida Traffic Crash Report

A Long Form must be completed and submitted to the department within 10 days after an investigation is completed by the law enforcement officer who in the regular course of duty investigates a motor vehicle crash. More information is provided at Online Sunshine Florida Statutes.

What You Need To Know About Insurance And Florida Car Accidents:

You must carry a minimum $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection or (PIP) and a minimum of $10,000 in Property Damage Liability or (PDL) Insurance in the State of Florida. This helps a person injured to recover compensation after an accident from their own insurance company no matter who was at fault in the accident. Unfortunately, Insurance companies, do not make the claims process easy. They often make it difficult for you to receive car accident compensation you need to pay your medical bills and other costs and often demand mountains of paperwork — all when you need to rest and recover.

PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

Only 13 states in the U.S. require PIP protection. What sets Florida apart from other states is that only 80% of your medical costs will be covered. PIP provides certain benefits for the policy holder, relatives who live in the same house, the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, any passengers in the vehicle and anyone who was struck by the vehicle.

Medical benefit

If the injured motorist suffered a medical emergency due to the accident, he or she will be reimbursed a total of 80 percent up to $10,000 as long as medical care is initiated within 14 days after the accident. This also applies to any additional medical care that is referred by the prescriber. If an injury is not considered an emergency, you will only be entitled to $2,500 worth of benefits.

Disability benefits

If you are injured in an accident and are disabled, Florida PIP insurance will pay for 60% of your lost wages up to $10,000. It will also cover all reasonable expenses for services the injured person would normally have been able to perform on their own like doing laundry, cleaning the house, taking care of pets, etc.

Death benefits

If an insured is killed in a car accident, PIP would pay for their funeral and burial expenses. You or your next of kin, are provided $5,000 in death benefits per individual in addition to any medical and disability benefits.

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We fight for full and fair compensation.

In cases involving severe injury, the benefits provided by the insurance company may not be enough to cover the expenses associated with your injury.

Auto accidents that have caused serious and life changing injuries will almost always require filing a lawsuit against the party that caused the accident.

Under Florida law, it may be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party to recover additional, special damages if the individual suffered an injury or disease that consists of:


Significant and permanent loss of bodily function


Permanent injury


Significant or permanent scarring






At Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa, our car accident injury attorneys in South Florida can offer the advocacy you need to obtain maximum compensation for your car accident injuries.

Our team has been helping injured parties all throughout South Florida since 1985. Let us help you so you can get the medical attention and back on the road to recovery.

We invite you to contact our team today. Call 561-478-2500. Free consults are always provided.

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