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Personal injury and auto insurance in West Palm Beach

In Florida, personal injury lawsuits fall under the state’s particular system of laws, which means that a personal injury lawsuit in Florida will not necessarily have the same outcome as it would in a different state under different laws. For example, Florida is one of the few remaining states that still follows a no-fault insurance system, and this plays a significant role in personal injury claims.

If you have suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence of another driver or another factor that caused the accident, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to understand how to proceed under Florida law in terms of filing a claim. You should not rely on your insurance company to assist you or to have your best interests in mind.

PIP auto insurance and personal injury claims

Florida law requires auto insurance policyholders to carry what is known as PIP coverage, which stands for personal injury protection. This coverage is designed to pay for medical expenses in an auto accident regardless of who is at fault for the accident. Florida drivers already pay some of the highest auto insurance rates in the entire nation, according to a report by the Palm Beach Post. However, Florida is one of only two states that does not require drivers to cover BI or bodily injury coverage to make drivers responsible for injuries to others. Clearly, this system is complex, and if you are filing a personal injury insurance claim, you are likely facing an uphill battle.

Catastrophic injuries

Catastrophic injuries can affect your ability to work and thus support yourself, which is another reason you should consult with an attorney to learn how to seek compensation. Catastrophic injuries, such as brain injuries, are all too common in serious auto accidents, and the process for seeking compensation for these devastating injuries is a difficult one. If you are the injured party or if you are assisting an injured loved one, you likely know that the insurance company is looking out for its own best interests and will likely try to settle as soon as possible. Rather than accepting an insurance company’s settlement offer, you should seek out the advice and counsel of a lawyer who works with these types of cases so you can get the full picture of the compensation you deserve.

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