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3 not-so-obvious car accident injuries

Many people believe they do not need medical care after being involved in a a car accident. It is very common for injuries to occur that are not immediately noticeable. Some car-crash victims suffer obvious, life-threatening trauma, but even serious injuries can go unnoticed immediately after an accident. 

It is crucial for you to receive medical attention after a crash of any severity. Untreated car accident injuries can result in death or the need for long-term or lifelong medical care. Non-obvious trauma can show up in the hours and days after a motor vehicle collision. Here are a few symptoms of delayed injuries in car accidents. 

1. Whiplash 

In car accidents, the head, neck and shoulders can become severely bruised and damaged after impact. The muscles in the neck and back become strained or torn and the brain becomes bruised. As a result, the victim suffers pain, soreness, a loss in flexibility and headaches. Headaches from car accidents are not always severe. They can indicate whiplash and the presence of other injuries. 

2. Emotional distress 

Not all signs of injury are physical. Many accident victims suffer from extreme emotional distress and go on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. People living with PTSD often experience challenges that interfere with their ability to function and think normally. Symptoms of PTSD include headaches; changes in moods, sleep behaviors and appetite; irritability; anxiety and depression. 

3. Internal bleeding 

Vehicle safety features have drastically improved overall road safety. However, there is still the risk of internal bleeding. Signs of internal bleeding include headaches, stiffness, confusion, pain at the site of trauma, bruising, sweating, nausea and breathlessness. Internal bleeding can cause death. 

There are benefits to getting medical attention after a car accident, even if you believe there are no injuries. Besides ruling out the presence of apparent and not-so-obvious injuries, it also enables you to establish documentation you can use to support your personal injury or car insurance claim.

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