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Can I get benefits if the injury was my fault?

Many people in West Palm Beach, Florida, go to work every day without thinking about the dangers that their job presents to them. However, if one thinks about it, many workers in the area do jobs that present a number of opportunities for a person to get hurt, such that a worker has to be vigilant at all times.

It’s not just construction and industrial jobs where this is the case, although workers in those occupations do have to remember a lot of safety rules and procedures, as well as how to operate a lot of different types of equipment. For example, those who work in a medical environment also have to remember all kinds of precautions in order to prevent falls, strains, infections and the like.

While a West Palm Beach worker is likely going to do his or her best to stay attentive and diligently observe all safety regulations, it’s human nature that an employee is not going to be on his or her “A” game at all times when it comes to safety. Unfortunately, even a worker’s momentary and completely understandable lapse can cause that worker to suffer a serious injury.

Although these people may feel a bit embarrassed that they caused their own injury, the fact that they bear some responsibility should not stop them from filing a Florida workers’ compensation claim for benefits like coverage for medical bills and lost wages.

This is because Florida’s workers’ compensation system is no-fault, meaning that, in general, if a worker suffered a work-related injury, he or she is eligible for benefits. The system simply does not expect an employee to prove the accident was not his or her fault or, for that matter, was the responsibility of another person.

While workers’ compensation benefits are broadly available to West Palm Beach employees who get hurt at work, detailed questions about one’s eligibility should be referred to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

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