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Why workers’ compensation insurance is a must in the IT industry

Technology-based businesses are thriving in Florida. Information technology business owners often mistakenly believe their workers are not at risk for personal injury on the job. A brief review of the most common workplace injuries among U.S. workers shows that not only is the assumption false, it is a high possibility that an IT employee will file a workers’ compensation claim if he or she suffers one of the two most common workplace injuries in the nation.

It is easy to understand why someone might assume that jobs in the construction industry or military, for instance, would be much more dangerous than working in an office in the IT field. However, two of the most frequently reported types of on-the-job injuries include slips and falls as well as repetitive stress injuries. Most IT workers are at risk for either one of these mishaps in the workplace.

Any number of issues can cause a slip-and-fall injury on the job. Perhaps an electrical cord was strewn across a walkway or debris was left lying on the floor. A wet stairway is understandably dangerous, and many other issues can cause a worker to take a tumble during the normal course of his or her workday.

Working in the IT industry often means performing a similar task or motion over and over again. This is why information technology employees often suffer repetitive stress injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most commonly-cited types of RSI mentioned in workers’ compensation claims. This condition can occur after spending hours clicking a computer mouse or typing on a keyboard. A Florida workers’ compensation law attorney can answer questions and provide guidance regarding any type of injury that occurs in an IT workplace.

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