Can I Acquire Traffic Camera Footage of My Car Accident in FL?

On Behalf of Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa | December 32, 2022 |

In most car accidents, one driver violates a traffic law and hits another car, causing a collision. But in most cases, both drivers involved in the crash will claim that the other driver violated the traffic law because they did not have the right of way. When this happens, you will need to gather evidence, such as traffic cam footage, to show that the other driver caused the collision.

How to Get Traffic Camera Footage of Your Car Accident

Some intersections in West Palm Beach have traffic cameras to catch violators. Some of these cameras may only offer live feeds, which means that they don’t record and store video, while others may store video for a limited time. The only way you can obtain traffic camera footage is through your West Palm Beach car accident attorney who can request the footage on your behalf.

Besides traffic camera footage, however, you should also consider obtaining video footage of the car accident through other sources.

Preserving Video Footage is Immensely Crucial

Home or business surveillance cameras do not keep video footage for several days, a week, or if you’re lucky, a month. They usually record over old video footage. This makes it immensely vital to act quickly and reach out to a West Palm Beach car accident attorney after the accident. Your attorney can send a request to preserve the video footage to anyone with a recording of the crash.

Even if the footage does not clearly show the crash, it may help your claim by showing that the other driver violated a traffic law, such as speeding through a red light or otherwise failing to yield the right of way to you. Your lawyer can likewise subpoena the other driver for access to their car’s ECM or electronic control module. The data from the ECM can reveal how fast the driver was driving and whether they engaged the brakes before the crash, among other things.

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