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These 3 conditions put women at higher risk of workplace injury

On-the-job injuries can be highly upsetting for workers and their families. Not only are these injuries often painful and limiting, but they can also lead to missed workdays, which can affect a person’s livelihood.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to the risk of being injured on the job. And in fact, there are certain conditions that can make one person more likely to be hurt on the job than other people. For instance, a recent study found that women who experience fatigue, depression or anxiety are more likely to be hurt at work.

Women vs. men

The study found that these three conditions affect women to a much greater extent than men. More specifically, researchers found that nearly 60 percent of women injured at work reported feeling anxious, depressed or fatigued before the injury. By comparison, only about 33 percent of men reported these same conditions.

Reasons for the difference in risk

While there is no one reason why these conditions appear to affect women far more than men, authors of the study have a few ideas.

For instance, authors suggest that women may be more likely to report health concerns in the first place, and they could also face different types of stress and anxiety at home and in the workplace than men experience.

What you can do to avoid an accident

It may not possible to avoid every accident at work, but there are ways you minimize your risk, particularly if you know you are at a higher risk. You can be sure you get enough rest and consider taking a day off if you are feeling overwhelmed. You might also see your doctor if you suffer from conditions like anxiety and depression in an effort to find effective treatment.

If you do get injured at work, then you should know that you have legal options to help you through this difficult time. In many cases, men and women who suffer a work-related injury in Florida are eligible for workers’ compensation to cover the cost of medical care and partially replace any lost wages. Discussing this and other options for compensation with an attorney can be wise.

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