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When drivers don’t pay attention, motorcyclists can be at risk

Living in south Florida, you enjoy riding your motorcycle all year round. But as you share the highways with heavier vehicles, you are always aware of your risk on the road. Inattentive drivers of cars and trucks can put you in danger if they don’t see you next to them.

A recent accident in Florida threatened the life of a motorcyclist. When a driver changed lanes without paying attention, the accident left the biker severely injured.

A car shifting lanes struck the motorcyclist

The accident happened on Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys. A driver of a car changed lanes to pass the vehicles in front of him. The motorcyclist was already in the other lane coming up behind the car. When the driver didn’t see the motorcycle, he struck it, knocking the rider off the bike.

Drivers of larger vehicles don’t always notice smaller vehicles

Motorcyclists can struggle to share the road safely with larger cars and trucks. If these drivers don’t look out for smaller, two-wheeled vehicles, they may not notice them in their blind spots. When they shift lanes or make turns, they may fail to see a motorcycle next to them. And if an accident happens at high speeds along highways, the crash can severely injure the rider.

Motorcycle accidents can leave severe injuries

When cars collide with motorcycles, they can leave the riders with severe injuries that take time to recover. If the bike falls on the rider, it can break bones all over the body. And if the rider’s head hits the pavement, there can be concussions or brain damage.

These injuries can lead to extended hospital stays and months or years of recovery. The bikers must rely on the other drivers’ car insurance to pay their medical bills. Or they may need to file a lawsuit if the driver doesn’t have insurance.

The other driver may be responsible for your bills

The danger of a crash probably won’t stop you from riding your motorcycle on Florida roads. But if a heavier vehicle does crash into you, you may be able to file a claim against their insurance for your bills.

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