Why I-95 in FL is One of the Deadliest Roads

Why I-95 in Florida is One of The Deadliest Roads in the U.S.

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Driving on the infamous I-95 in Florida could be risky, even fatal for some people. If you follow the local news, you’re almost always going to see a headline about a serious or fatal crash on the I-95.

A study by ValuePenguin also found that I-95 in Florida is the 5th most dangerous roadway in America and that between 2015 and 2019 (latest available stats), there were 439 fatal crashes that resulted in 463 deaths on I-95. Also, the county with the most fatalities is Palm Beach, which accounted for 77 deaths of the total deaths from 2015 up to 2019. The study pulled stats from the NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

What Makes I-95 in Florida So Dangerous?

The stretch of I-95 in Florida is so dangerous for drivers because it’s one of the busiest roadways in the entire state. Distracted driving and speeding are among the top contributors to a lot of I-95 crashes. The changing traffic patterns, weather conditions, and construction zones likewise create risks for drivers. In addition, an investigation conducted by the Sun-Sentinel found some shocking stats: 

  • A third of all deadly auto accidents on I-95 from Maine to Miami occurred in Florida even though only about 20% of the I-95 is in Florida.
  • Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) troopers have issued 38% fewer traffic tickets in five years since 2014, while deadly crashes on the I-95 in Florida have increased by 40%.
  • 117 individuals died on the I-95 in 2018, which is an average of one crash fatality every three days. During that time, more people lost their lives in fatal crashes on I-95 than on any interstate in Florida, including the I-4, I-75, Florida Turnpike, and I-10.
  • The busiest parts of I-95 are overloaded. The report found that around 321,000 vehicles travel these parts, even if they were designed to hold fewer vehicles at a time.
  • The Sun-Sentinel also found that there were instances in which no patrolmen or trooper were patrolling the I-95 during the graveyard shift, which is from 10 PM to 6 AM, a notorious time for speedsters, distracted drivers, and drunk drivers.

In addition, the report likewise discovered that due to I-95’s bad reputation, some law enforcement officers are scared to pull over, write a ticket, or watch the roadway during peak traffic hours. This has resulted in less law enforcement presence on the I-95 and increased presence of reckless and negligent drivers knowing that they won’t get pulled over for violating the road rules.

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