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Florida collision ended in fatality after passenger was ejected

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida and elsewhere. Some people prefer to be operators, and others enjoy riding behind as passengers on the open road. Either way, passengers and drivers are often at great risk for injury, especially if an unexpected issue occurs that suddenly changes traffic flow.

A man was recently traveling in a northbound direction on a highway. He was carrying a passenger on his motorcycle. The vehicle in front of him suddenly slowed down, and his motorcycle hit it. Both the operator and the passenger were ejected from their seats. Investigators will no doubt try to determine if any specific issues may have been causal factors in the collision.

The passenger, a 46-year old woman, landed on the road, in front of the slowed vehicle. Sadly, she was killed when the car ran over her. The operator declined transport to a hospital, although he did suffer minor injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was physically unscathed in the tragic incident.

A fatal auto accident often leads to civil litigation when an immediate family member of a decedent seeks compensation for damages by filing a wrongful death claim. This is a means for obtaining financial recovery for losses, although it is understood that there is no replacement for the loss of human life. If a Florida resident has recently lost a loved one in a collision and wishes to learn more about the legal process of filing a claim, he or she can request a meeting with an experienced personal injury law attorney. 

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