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3 common fast food injuries

Whatever your particular goals are as a fast food worker, among the things that can have big impacts for you are workplace safety issues. You can face some unique hazards in a fast food restaurant. In fact, approximately 28,000 teenage fast food workers go to the emergency room for job injuries each year.

Your employer may expect you to work fast and hard for low pay. You also may work with potentially dangerous objects, and the environment may be unsafe. Common workplace dangers you can face as a fast food employee include the following.

1. Sharp objects

Preparing food requires you to handle various utensils and equipment. Making a sandwich or milkshake can cause you to suffer serious cuts and lacerations. Forks, knives and blender blades are just a few of the sharp things in your workplace that may injure you.

2. Hot equipment

Of course, fast food workplaces are full of cooking equipment that gets hot. When you are cooking a burger on the grill or making fries in the deep fryer with scalding oil, you may get severe burns if something goes wrong. Burns may be especially likely if you are rushing during busy hours. Hot cooking equipment can also present risks of explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. Slippery surfaces

Working behind the counter at a fast food establishment often gets messy. Water spills, oil splashes and someone mops the floor. All of these are common occurrences in fast food restaurants that may cause you to slip. You may be more prone to slipping when you are hurrying to get orders done. If you slip at work, you may suffer a brain injury, spinal cord injury or broken bones.

Not only are some fast food restaurants risky, but you may not know what to do when you get an on-the-job injury. If you are hurt, make sure you understand your legal options and rights and talk to an attorney.

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