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How can cyclists avoid vehicle collisions?

Cyclists need to be careful no matter where they ride, but they particularly want to be careful in the state of Florida. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that between 2008 and 2012, Florida had the highest rate of cyclist fatalities on roadways out of any other state. 

Drivers need to be cautious and share the road with cyclists maturely. However, it is just as important for cyclists to know how to ride defensively. With everyone keeping an eye out for each other, the roads in Florida can be a safe place for all. 

Avoid busier streets

While cyclists cannot go on freeways, they should still try to avoid city streets that get busy. It may be preferable and safer for cyclists to take scenic routes to arrive at their destinations. People may even discover great shortcuts that shave minutes off a commute. 

Avoid listening to music

Most car drivers listen to the radio when driving, so it makes sense cyclists would want to do the same. However, headphones make cyclists less aware of their surroundings. They may not hear a car approaching until it is too late. Cyclists need to be certain they have full use of all their senses. 

Always signal

There are cyclist signals for when bike riders plan on turning right or left. They may seem cumbersome, but they help greatly. Similar to how a car’s blinker informs others of what the driver plans on doing, hand signals let everyone know what you are about to do. 

Be visible

This is particularly important during the night, but it comes in handy during the day as well. Cyclists can purchase blinkies from bike shops at reasonable prices. Cyclists should also make sure their front lights are working adequately before heading out onto the road. Anyone planning on buying new lights should look into LED ones because they last much longer than standard lights.   

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