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Why you might be experiencing pain after a fender-bender

Did you recently get into a minor car accident? If so, you might be wondering why you are starting to feel pain. Contrary to popular belief, even fender-benders can result in injuries. These injuries may not be catastrophic or obvious, but they are every bit as real.

So what might explain the symptoms you are experiencing? Soft tissue injuries and concussions are possible explanations after even seemingly minor collisions. To be sure, you should always see a doctor to diagnose and treat any injury. Read on to get an idea of possible injuries that you might be dealing with. 

Soft tissue injuries

Minor crashes can result in trauma to your muscles, tendons and ligaments. The most commonly affected areas are the neck, back, shoulders and wrists. One of the most common soft tissue injuries is known as whiplash. This condition occurs when your head suddenly whips forward and backward, usually from a rear-end collision.

With whiplash, you might experience pain or stiffness in the neck, reduced range of motion, headaches, numbness or dizziness. These symptoms can make it difficult to complete normal tasks at work and cause your life to be unpleasant. Any soft tissue injuries may present symptoms immediately after the accident, but they may also take days or weeks to show up. 


You might experience a concussion or traumatic brain injury as a result of a minor car accident. Your brain could hit the inside of your skull as a result of sudden deceleration. TBI symptoms include headaches, ringing in the ears, confusion and reduced balance. As with soft tissue injuries, a concussion can make it difficult to work or enjoy your life. 

These are just some of the most common possibilities to explain pain after a minor impact. If you are experiencing these or any other symptoms such as unexpected aches or soreness, you should consult with your doctor or urgent care center if you have not done so already. 

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