Where are the Most Common FL Truck Accidents?

Where are the Most Common Truck Accidents in Florida?

It seems like wherever you are driving, you see commercial trucks hauling cargo across the State of Florida. These trucks are an integral part of our economy, and they ensure that our shelves are stocked, and we can receive all of our online orders. However, the more trucks you see, the greater chance there is that a truck accident can happen.

If you suffer injuries in a truck crash, you might be entitled to significant compensation for your losses. Never hesitate to discuss a possible case with a Port St. Lucie truck accident lawyer.

Truck Accidents on Interstate Highways

Many truck drivers are making deliveries from other states or from across Florida, so using the interstate highway system is convenient and often necessary. Many Florida truck crashes happen on the major interstates, which include:

  • I-95, which stretches from St. Mary’s River down to Miami
  • I-75 from the Georgia state line to Hialeah
  • I-10 traveling from the Alabama state line to Jacksonville
  • I-4 from Tampa to Daytona Beach

Not only are there more commercial trucks on the interstate highways, but trucks are also naturally traveling faster due to higher speed limits. This can increase the degree of damage and injuries that result from a crash. In addition, these interstates are not always maintained as they should be by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), which can contribute to crashes and complicate truck accident claims.

Crashes on the Florida Turnpike

The Florida Turnpike stretches across 11 counties in the state, and it is a hotbed of vehicle crashes, including truck accidents. Speeding is a common problem on the Turnpike, and this goes for truck drivers, as well.

Rural Highways

Major interstates are not the only highways where truck accidents happen. Florida has miles of two-lane rural highways, and research places Florida in the top seven states for fatality rates on these rural roads. When drivers of large trucks traverse rural highways, they might cross over double yellow lines, engage in dangerous passing, speed, and more. These crashes can often be deadly.

Residential Areas

Trucks make deliveries to your neighborhood grocery store or even right to your doorstep. When large semi-trucks or box trucks move through these residential areas, they can hit other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and others. Even though these accidents happen at slower speeds, they can still result in severe injuries.

Consult with a Port St. Lucie Truck Accident Attorney About Your Options

Truck crashes can happen anywhere, and they are all too common in Florida. If you suffered injuries in an accident - no matter where it occurred - you should know your rights to compensation for your losses. The legal team of Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa regularly helps truck crash victims seek financial recovery for their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

Contact us for a free case evaluation today. We can assess possible liability on the part of truck drivers, trucking companies, or other parties for your injuries and losses.

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