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How to avoid a fatal auto accident during the holidays

In Florida and beyond, there are typically more motor vehicle collisions during holiday seasons. One of several reasons might be that many people tend to increase their consumption of alcohol on festive occasions. Some of them, unfortunately, then make irresponsible decisions to get behind the wheels of their vehicles to drive, which greatly increases the risk that a fatal auto accident might occur. 

Judgement, vision and reaction are three of the most important skills drivers use to safely arrive at their destinations. If any of these skills is impaired, the results may be disastrous because the likelihood of collision is greatly increased. Police typically arrest more than a million drunk drivers in Florida and across the country every year.

Choosing non-alcohol drinks when a party goer knows he or she will be driving later is the easiest way to avoid a drunk driving crash. Consuming food while imbibing slows alcohol absorption in the body. While alcohol affects each person’s body differently, it is always a good idea to eat during times when alcohol is being consumed.

Various forms of public transportation, ride share services, or even asking a loved one or friend to serve as a designated driver are other simple ways to avoid an alcohol-related fatal auto accident during the holidays. If a Florida traveler suffers injury in a collision caused by a drunk driver, he or she has the legal ability to seek financial recovery for his or her losses in a civil court. In cases where fatalities have occurred, the immediate family members of decedents may take similar action by filing wrongful death claims against those deemed responsible for their loved ones’ fatal injuries.

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