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Who are people talking to when they drive distracted?

With all the attention of late on the problem of distracted driving and the importance of paying attention to the road, a West Palm Beach, Florida, resident or, for that matter, anyone in South Florida might be wondering what, or who, is so important as to merit a driver’s taking his or her eyes and mind off the road.

The answer might be a bit surprising it doesn’t have anything to do with one’s professional life, even though many people claimed they were willing to text and drive or take a phone call in order to be available to their bosses.

However, the reality that most people, almost 45 percent of all drivers, are picking up their electronic devices in order to communicate with their spouses or significant others. Another 1 in 3 drivers indicated that they would pick up the phone for a close friend, and just under 1 in 4 drivers were willing to communicate with their children even if they were driving.

Although this might make sense once one thinks about it, it seems that concern for our loved ones is keeping our eyes off of the road. Another statistic, suggesting that over 60 percent of distracted drivers choose to text and drive or talk and drive because they fear they will not be available in an emergency, gives additional context to these numbers.

Even if distracted driving is motivated to some extent by affection, that’s still no excuse of the behavior. Even one’s spouse or kids can wait long enough for the driver to pull over to a safe location before communicating. Not doing so could cause a fatal accident that will leave a victim needing compensation for things like lost wages, medical bills and the like.

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