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A sideswipe crash could leave you with serious injuries

If most drivers thought about the number of times they could potentially get into an accident on Florida roadways, they may never want to drive again. Of course, you and most other people can put this thought out of your mind and trust others on the road to act appropriately while behind the wheel. Still, you know that not every driver will do what they are supposed to, so you should always remain vigilant about focusing on driving and watching for hazards.

Unfortunately, your best efforts may not be enough for you to avoid a car accident. Another driver could seemingly come out of nowhere and crash into your vehicle. If you end up in a sideswipe accident, you may never have seen the other car coming, or you may have seen it coming straight toward you and narrowly avoided a head-on collision.

What is a sideswipe?

As the name suggests, a sideswipe collision is when the side of one vehicle swipes the side of another vehicle. While a swipe may seem inconsequential, this type of accident can have serious results. If another driver is traveling the wrong direction and heading straight toward you, you may have just enough time to veer your vehicle out of the way of a head-on crash, but the oncoming vehicle could still hit the side of your car. You could lose control and leave the roadway, or your vehicle could flip.

A sideswipe accident does not only take place with a wrong-way vehicle. Someone traveling the same direction as you in another lane could try to change lanes without checking his or her blind spots and hit your vehicle, or a driver could veer out of his or her lane due to distraction, intoxication, or poor road conditions. It is even possible for you and another driver to attempt to merge into the same lane at the same time.

Damage and injuries

Because a sideswipe could cause you to lose control, another vehicle could end up involved in the crash, or your vehicle could hit objects close to the road. In any case, a sideswipe collision can be serious and leave you with significant injuries. If another driver causes this type of crash and you do suffer harm, you may want to consider your legal options for seeking compensation for damages allowable under state law.

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