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Car accident injuries can be a major setback to your holidays

The holiday season is once again underway in Florida and across the country, which means there is likely to be a lot more traffic than usual. Whether you’re simply trying to get to work on time or are venturing out on a holiday shopping trip, it pays to leave the house ahead of schedule so you won’t be late if you get stuck in traffic. With more vehicles on the road at this time of year, the chances of suffering car accident injuries increase.

Collisions often happen quite unexpectedly. One minute, you’re driving along in a rather uneventful manner; in the next, you’re surrounded by chaos when a car veers into your lane or hits you in an intersection after the driver fails to stop at a red light. Even if you notice a potential hazard on the road, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to react quickly enough to avoid a crash.

Your holiday fun will no doubt be put on immediate hold if you’re involved in a car accident. These collisions often impede the ability of victims to function on a daily basis. Wrapping gifts with your arm in a sling or cast is next to impossible, as is decorating your home after having suffered whiplash.

Recovery time varies depending on the severity of the car accident injuries suffered. The good news is that you have recourse through the civil justice system to seek financial accountability against any party whose negligence was a causal factor in the collision. In a personal injury claim, the plaintiff must offer evidence to convince the court that the defendant was negligent in a manner that caused the injuries and resulting financial losses.

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