Most Common Cause of Workers Compensation?

What is the Most Common Cause of Workers’ Compensation?

When you think of job-related injuries that lead to workers’ compensation claims, you might first imagine serious accidents that result in life-changing injuries. While severe workplace accidents and injuries do happen, you might be surprised that the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims in the U.S. is much less dramatic, as the National Safety Council reports it is overexertion injuries.

Whether you sustained a life-altering injury in a traumatic work accident or need medical attention for overexertion injuries, you deserve the full workers’ comp benefits the law entitles you to receive. Speak with a Port St. Lucie workers’ compensation attorney for assistance as soon as possible.

Overexertion Injuries on the Job

When you overexert yourself, your body can react in many adverse ways. These overexertion injuries can happen due to a single instance, such as trying to lift something that is too heavy, or over time due to repetitive movements that put pressure on your body. Overexertion injuries can include:

  • Non-impact injuries - These stem from excessive physical effort that is beyond your body’s limits. Some activities that can lead to such injuries include pushing, lifting, carrying, throwing, or holding. Back injuries and other soft tissue injuries commonly result from such overexertion.
  • Repetitive motion injuries - These injuries result from repetitive strain or stress on a body part, and the repetitive motion is often not strenuous in itself. Some common repetitive motion injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, “tennis elbow,” and similar conditions.

Overexertion injuries lead to 31 percent of all workers’ compensation claims. While these injuries might not seem as serious as other traumatic injuries, they can still cause serious pain and restrictions. Workers need medical attention and typically miss about 13 days of work.

Other Common Workers’ Comp Claims

In second place when it comes to causes of claims are injuries from slips, trips, and falls. These lead to 27.5 percent of claims and also involve an average of 13 days off work due to the injuries. The third-leading cause is getting hit by objects or equipment, which is the cause of 25.8 percent of claims.

Following the top three causes, other common workers’ compensation claims stem from:

  • Transportation incidents
  • Violence from other people or animals
  • Exposure to toxic environments or substances

Causes of Claims for Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits in Florida

Some workers’ compensation claims are filed by family members following tragic fatal workplace accidents. In Florida, the top causes of these death benefits claims include:

  • Transportation incidents
  • Falls
  • Toxic exposure
  • Violence

Discuss Your Claim with a Port St. Lucie Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

What caused your workplace injury should not be a factor in receiving benefits, as this is a no-fault system. The attorneys at Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa can help you through the claim process and work to ensure that you receive coverage for your medical expenses and lost income. Contact us to discuss your work injury and how we can represent you and help you get the financial support you deserve.

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