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Speed limit signs are posted on South Florida highways and other roadways for a reason – to keep drivers and their passengers safe. However, despite posted speed limits and other warning signs, some motor vehicle operators still choose to drive in excess of the speed limit, increasing their chances of causing a serious accident. When a large speeding vehicle collides with a much smaller vehicle, the potential for serious property damages and injuries becomes even higher.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision that was caused by a speeding driver, you may have legal options that are open and available to you. The experienced South Florida excessive speed accident attorneys at Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa can help you determine if you are eligible to assert a personal injury claim. We can pursue the compensation that you need through your own insurance company (through a claim for personal injury protection benefits) or through the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

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What Types of Accidents Can Result from Excessive Speeding?

Excessive speeding can result in various types of serious motor vehicle crashes. In some instances, the driver of a speeding vehicle loses control and cannot stop in time to avoid colliding with another vehicle. This is especially true in wet weather when the speeding vehicle hydroplanes. The speeding vehicle might collide with the rear of the other vehicle in a classic rear-end collision, jarring the driver and passengers in the front vehicle.

Some motor vehicle drivers will also speed in order to try to beat a red light at a traffic intersection. This can result in the speeding vehicle colliding with an oncoming vehicle in a head-on collision – or with the side of an oncoming vehicle in a T-bone accident.

An experienced South Florida excessive speed accident attorney will be able to discuss the circumstances of your accident with you and can help you decide on the best course of action to maximize the potential monetary compensation owed to you in your car accident claim.

Injuries that Often Result from Excessive Speed Accidents

The force of an impact caused by a motor vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed can be significant. The force of the collision can cause the accident victim’s body to move around and about the interior of the vehicle in a very abrupt manner. It can also cause the accident victim’s body to strike something in the vehicle, like the steering wheel, front console, headrest, or window, resulting in severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment. Potential injuries sustained in an excessive speed collision include traumatic head injuries, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries.

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